Some time last November, I got injured from running too much too fast. So I started looking for a goal that didn’t involve running. At that point, I had been pondering the Transcontinental Race (TCR) for quite a while. But TCR being a road race, I could not convince myself that I wanted to spend ~3000km sleep deprived, fatigued, and hungry on the roads with our drivers. I had too many close calls just commuting and training. Conveniently though, a new race appeared on the calendar: Silk Road Mountain Race (SRMR). It is mainly off-road, very remote, and in the mountains. Navigation is easier because there’s a preset route. Nevertheless, survival and elements play a much bigger role in SRMR than they do in TCR. This is very welcome given that I’d lose the watts-per-kilo game :).

I’ll try to post a few things along the way. At this point I think they’ll be posts about training, route, gear, maybe some admin (insurance, travel, accommodation in Bishkek, etc.). Afterwards I’ll probably put up a race report. I wish there was more info about the last year’s SRMR, so this might be a good way to improve on that.