Computer stuff

  • PermLab: a Java package doing various permutation pattern tasks – very useful for enumeration of permutation classes and other explorations. Written mainly by Michael Albert.
  • Flagmatic: a package for flag algebras computations on graphs, 3-regular hypergraphs, digraphs, and multigraphs. Written by Emil Vaughan, updated and modified by me.
  • Permpack: a package for flag algebras computations on permutations that I wrote.


I like long runs in the mountains, preferably with many technical parts and a lot of altitude gain. Here’s a list of a few races that I liked for some reason.

  • GlenCoe Skyline: definitely the most interesting race I ever did. Very technical, and very tough.
  • 3x3000 80K Ultra: a very nice course. Anything happening in the Lakes will be spectacular.
  • A Coventry Way Challenge: a circular ‘walk’ around Coventry. Pretty long and flat, but was worth doing as the route is very logical.
  • Peak Skyline: a 47k loop in the south-west part of the Peak District. It is a well-organised small race (150 participants). The course is quite technical underfoot but very runnable. It also takes in 2000m of ascent.
  • Non-stop run through Low Tatras: only 45k long, but follows a mountain range with great views if weather plays along. Very runnable up to a few steep ascents (2400m in total).